Sunday, April 13, 2014

100 Miles - Day 8 (4/12/2014)

Day 8
Mile 83.3 to 100.1
16.7 miles

Our messy "headboard" in our tent
This post starts at 1 am in the morning instead of the usual 6 am coffee making time. It was a real windy night for us and our tent was taking the brunt of it. At some point in the evening a stake had come out of the ground which made the tent very flimsy. Unfortunately for Mandie her side of the tent was the side that the wind was coming from so the tent was folding over onto her, which of course kept her up. At some point I woke up and went outside to see what had happened and to re-stake the tent. This time with huge boulders on each stake. Lesson learned there. We also learned that we should have the foot or head of the tent towards the wind, not the side. Oh well. My chivalry earned me half a Poptart so I would say it was worth it. 

6:30 am rolls around and we get up and do the usual chores. Breakfast this morning for me was a packet of Top Ramen while Mandie had a Poptart. Not much food for the 8 miles we had to do to get to the next water source. 

Canyon from Disneyland's Soarin' over California
At 7:30 am we are on the trail cruising along the rim of the San Felipe Mountains. So far, our legs and feet feel pretty good and we are making good miles. The wind is starting to pick up again but nothing like during the night. 

Close to the half way point of our hike we came to a canyon that is part of Disneyland California's Soarin' ride video. If you have been on that ride you might remember video of some cowboys/cowgirls riding up a sandy wash. This was that canyon. Pretty cool, huh?

We had a couple miles to go until we reached the point on our map where the water cache should be and my feet were really starting to hurt, the heels especially. I am not sure what is going on with my heels but they have been killing me. There isn't much I can do so I push on.

When we finally get to where our map said the water should be there is a sign that says it is 1/4 of a mile further down the road.  'Ugh!' We say to each other, just what we need, more walking. We finally reach the cache and see two plastic chairs sitting there surrounded by cases of Crystal Geyser water. I only mention the name because it is brand new water. Not used jugs that have been refilled many times over with well water. We have been drinking some nasty water lately so we are happy to see this. 

We refill our water supply and walk the 1/4 mile back to where we left the PCT. There we find some shade, roll out our mats, have a small bite to eat, and rest our feet for a while before heading off again. 

I should mention that we are low on food and aren't able to eat full-on meals. I do have a good supply of fat stored up but even that isn't keeping up with the demand hiking day after day is putting on it. We have a short hike tomorrow before we get into Warner Springs to get our resupply box that we mailed ahead of time. The bummer thing about that is that tomorrow is Sunday and the USPS will be closed, so we will have to figure something else out.

After leaving the water cache we began climbing up the side of a mountain. When we were close to 3/4 of the way up two fighter jets went screaming by. With us being up so high and them flying so low, we were almost at the same level. It was way cool and brought out this feeling of being a young boy. For the next 20 minutes or so I sung the theme song to Top Gun. Hehe
At the top of this mountain I saw my first snake, for this trip. I believe it was a Corn snake. It was very thin, long, and had yellow and black stripes. It moved way to quickly to get a picture of. Not too much longer after the snake sighting I saw a huge Horned Lizard. I love these things and wanted to catch it but it wanted nothing to do with me. I had never see one that big before either. It was massive. 

Mandie and I pushed on and on until we hit our first milestone, mile 100. Yes, we have walked 100 miles since we began this journey on April 5th. I am very proud of us for reaching this point but both of our bodies feel every step of those 100 miles.  

Hooray for us!!!