Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Zero In Temecula - Day 10 (4/14/2014)

Day 10
0 miles

Today was our first full day without hiking since we started and it was needed. The day consisted of us eating and sleeping so that our bodies could repair themselves. We laughed about the thought of little men in space suits carrying tools like chisels and jackhammers crawling around the inside of our bodies repairing the damage we had done. I am sure at a cellular level we are not too far off. 

I spent close to an hour on the hotel's computer trying to back-up the photos on my phone to Google's Drive but it was painfully slow so I stopped. Getting photos off of the phone has been very frustrating and the solution seems to change every day. Right now I am bypassing gDrive and going straight to Flickr. There they will be backed-up and viewable by blog visitors. This solution could change tomorrow though. So, check out my photos on Flickr via the Photos tab under the main blog image. More are uploading as I write this. 

I figured out why my phone wasn't capitalizing the letter 'I' so that should be fixed now. I needed to have auto-correction on as well as auto-capitalization on. I though all I needed was auto-capitalization on. 

Last but certainly not least, I would like to thank all of the people who have commented or replied both of this blog and on FB. Your comments and kind words mean so much to me. They give me the strength to keep going on the trail and to keep blogging. They are very much appreciated, keep them coming. I do read them. Thank you!