Thursday, April 10, 2014

Back on the trail - Day 6 (4/10/2014)

Day 6
Sunrise Trailhead to Rodriguez
Mile 59.7 to 68.7

Mandie's friends Richard and Brita came to Julian to give us some much needed supplies and they were nice enough to give us a ride back to Sunrise Trailhead. 

Once there we spent 30-45 minutes getting our stuff in order and feet taped up before heading out. Both Mandie and I were apprehensive about how her feet would perform in these new shoes. 

We headed off down the .25 mile spur trail to where it intersects with the PCT. From there we hung a left and continued from where we left off the previous day. 

We were both feeling tired and sore while hiking. My legs, calfs especially, were tight and of course, Mandie's feet were still sore. We took several breaks along our route to stretch and adjust the tape on our feet. 

The trail was fairly well graded in the beginning but then it went steeply downhill for a while. Of course, once you go down, you must go back up, and that is what we did. We climbed up off the valley floor via a very steep dirt road. Until now, the PCT has been fairly well graded, this section was not that way. 

It was a tough day for both of us on the trail. We didn't start hiking until 2:30 pm and finished at 8 pm. There was something different in the air tonight that affected us both differently. I was on edge for some reason. My pack's straps flew in the wind scaring the crap out of me. I would see things out of the corner of my eyes that weren't there. It was creepy. Mandie felt sad and lonley. She talked about missing her family, her home, and her cats.

It was a weird, tiresome, sore feet, kinda hike today. I'm not sure if it had anything to do with being in town the previous night or what, but it wasn't a fun day for either of us. 

When we finally got to camp it was dark and there were several people here already, one of them being Bumblebee! We were all happy to see each other as were didnt think our paths would cross again. I know she reads our blogs so, 'Hi Bumblebee'.

After several attempts to pick a suitable campsite we finally picked one and are ready to hit the sack. (There is more to this tent site picking story which you can read about on Mandie's blog. :) )

Side note: Brita and Richard brought me a Thermarest Ridgerest Closed Cell Foam mattress that I am going to be trying. My other air mattress was inflatable and I was having a hard time staying on top of it. It was not comfortable at all and I am hoping to sleep better on this one. 

Another gear change that was made today was that I tried hiking with no undies on in an effort to alleviate some of the chaffing. It worked okay but I think I will be going back to wearing underwear.