Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Everything is closed - Day 3 (4/7/2014)

Day 3
Mile 32.6 to 45.5

Our day started out like the second day, slowly. We got up around 6 am to a tornado. Okay, maybe not an actual tornado but when you are in a tent even the slightest winds feel strong. 

 I had to pee (tmi ?) so I got dressed and out of the tent first. It wasn't very cold out just windy. As Mandie was getting dressed and packing up the 'bedroom' I made the coffee. That seems to be how the chores are being divvied up which is working out. Breakfast was a couple of fig newtons and that was about it. We planned on having a second breakfast about 4 miles from camp where there would be water for us to cook with. 

Josh, 'In Charge', camped near us as well as Timone, a new guy that we just met. He seems like a cool guy but a bit younger.  We met Timone as we were leaving camp. I think we were the first people on the trail, at least in our area, 7:24 am, not bad. 

Leaving Cibbets camp is tough, as the trail starts climbing right away. We took it slow and let our muscles warm up. About 30 minutes later we were passed by one of the two 'Twins'. The Twins, as we have dubbed them, look nothing alike other than they are both tall and skinny. We don't know their names yet so that's what we call them. 

We finally reached mile 4 and stopped in a beautiful little grassy area under some oak trees. There was a small babbling brook about 30 feet away where we could get water to cook with and drink. We layed out our Tyvek ground cloth and made a breakfast skillet Mountain House meal. We slopped that onto a couple tortillas and enjoyed a wonderful breakfast.

As we were enjoying our meal Timone strolled up and stopped to chat with us for a while. Papa Bear soon followed. We had seen Papa Bear on the trail but just now met him. 

Side note:  The whole social interaction on the trail is kind of interesting. Most of the conversations, if you can call them that, happen while you are passing each other on the trail. Mandie says that after about a month on the trail we would probably have had a 5 minute conversation with somebody. 

Anyhoot, after breakfast we headed off to make it to Mt. Laguna it would be another 8 miles until we would reach our destination which we did around 1 pm. 

Mt. Laguna is basically a wide spot in the road. There are a couple of restaurants, a general store, Post Office, and that's about it. We planned on stopping at the general store for some drinks, pick up our first resupply box, and then head off to one of the restaurants for some real food. Well, turns out both restaurants were closed. Big bummer. We got drinks, 7up and lime gatorade (mix those two!) and some snacks, picked up our box, and sat on the store's porch. There were a bunch of hikers there already and as we sat there, more would come and some would leave. It is kinda neat to see all these people with the same goal. As we sat there resting, we learned that the camp ground we had planned to stop at was closed. The next camp ground was a 5 mile hike away. Oh, what to do now??? We decided to get one more snack and head off to a picnic area to relax at and come up with a game plan. We really just wanted to do very little for the rest of the day. Oh yeah, our packs are now very heavy with 4 days of food in them. 

At the picnic area we rested, stretched, and caught up on correspondences. Timone was there with a group of his friends. They eventually came over and in our conversation said that they had trail names for us, I would be 'Wildcat' and Mandie would be 'Lioness'. The names were derived from our hiking logo that my shorts and Mandie's pack has painted on them. We aren't sure if we are going to keep these names. But hey, I got a trail name! Which was something I was worried I wouldn't get. :) 

Not being able to camp at the picnic area, we got ready to head out onto the trail again to find a place to camp. Our goal was either a tent campsite about 2 miles away or Laguna camp ground about 5 miles away. We couldn't stay where we were so we headed off. Did I mention how heavy our packs are now? 

Cowboy Camping" - No tent
We ended up picking a spot off to the side of the trail in a purdy little meadow. The meadow was filled with little tiny flowers that appear to be so delicate because of their size. We had some cold rice for dinner while sitting on the Tyvek. As we sat there we decided that we were crushing these flowers. Not a very good Leave No Trace (LNT) way to be. So, we packed up our stuff and found a much better place to camp. 

Tonight we are Cowboy Camping for the first time. That means we are not under a tent but under the beautiful stars. We will see how this goes.