Sunday, April 6, 2014

Fully Exposed - Day 2 (4/6/2014)

Day 2
12 miles Lake Morena to Cibbets

Today was a hard day but a good day too. For some reason this section of the trail is really difficult even though it is only 12 miles. It could be because we are sore and tired from the previous day or that you are exposed to the sun for the majority of the day. Whatever the reason it always seems to catch me off guard. We did it and that's all that matters. We pushed through the pain and got to our destination. I'm proud of us. 

The morning started off with lots of dew on our tent. It seeps through the nylon and gets anything that is touching it on the inside wet. It was our first of probably many wet mornings. Breakfast was a quick snack and some coffee with Carnation instant breakfast in it. Delicious. 

We started hiking around 7:45 am at a  slow pace as we were both sore from the day before. Mandie's knee was being especially bothersome too. For that reason we stopped many times to stretch and rub it out which seemed to help. By the end of the day the pain was almost completely gone. She is a trooper.

After about 6 miles we arrived at Boulder Oaks camp ground. Its a beautiful CG and a great place to rest. We unpacked our gear and laid it out in the sun to dry out. While it dried we rested and had a snack or two. 

At Boulder Oaks we met a wonderful lady whose trail name is 'bumble bee'. When she said that, the Transformers movie(s) immediately popped into my head and i thought, 'What a cool trail name.' It turns out that she was named after the character in the movie as well as for some other reasons. I'm so jealous and wanna name myself Optimus Prime :)

From Boulder Oaks the trail gets gnarly. For the next 6 miles we pretty much went up hill fully exposed to the sun, and unlike yesterday, it was hot today. 

We finally arrived at Cibbets CG around 4:45 pm with little water to spare. I should have replenished my water supply at the previous CG but I foolishly didn't. Luckily at the entrance of the CG there was a stockpile of water that we were able to take from. After that we ate all the snacks, made some dinner (Mountain House Spaghetti, yum!) and watched the sun set. Actually, I'm typing this post as the sun is setting. Mandie is sitting next to me, both of us under her sleeping bag, pecking away at our phones. Good times!

The adventure continues tomorrow...