Monday, April 21, 2014

Idyllwild Baby - Day 16 (4/20/2014)

Day 16
8 miles off PCT to Idyllwild

I had this post mostly typed out when my battery ran out and my phone shut off causing me to lose all my progress. My own fault for not saving, I thought the Blogger App auto saved. 

We woke up when the sun came up and illuminated our tent as it always seems to do. I slept much better than the night before but still felt a bit groggy. 

It was a cold morning which made getting out of the sleeping bag that much harder. There was fog hugging the lake and a man sitting on the bank getting his fishing reel ready to cast. It was picturesque. 

We got things packed up and headed off to the small store to get a few more supplies before starting our walk. I wanted to hike on something more than Poptarts today. It is hard to resupply at these small grocery stores; their choices are always so limited. But, we are getting better at it. 

Having resupplied we headed down Hwy 74 towards Herky Campground, a 0.4 mile walk. We would then cut through the CG and pick up a bicycle trail at the North end of the CG. This would allow us to walk parallel to the road and not actually be on the road. Much safer way to travel. 

I was not feeling particularly good today, I just didn't have it in me to hike and my calves were burning like crazy. We stopped at the top of a small hill to rest and do some stretching. Mandie offered me a caffeine pill since our coffee was not our usual. I needed all the help I could get and so I took one. Twenty minutes later there was a pep in my step and I was feeling much better. 

We eventually came to a meadow and cut across it to hook up with the highway again as the trail we were on was veering away from where we needed to be. We took Hwy 74 to McCall Park road and walked it until it dead ended. There we would pick up McCall Park trail. As we hiked on the trail Mandie spotted two small whiteish Horned Lizards. We tried to catch them but they were too quick. The hunt continues.  The trail eventually dumped us near Hwy 243, which we would take the rest of the way into Idyllwild. Highway 243 is a dangerous road walk because there is no shoulder. We felt that we had bypassed the most dangerous sections and would be safe to continue. We were right and lived!

Once in Idyllwild we had a couple of hours to kill before we could check into our room. We headed off to the local pizza joint and discovered that it was closed for Easter Sunday. Big bummer for us. Our next choice of restaurants was also closed when we got there. Hungry and discouraged we went to the next closest place that we could see that was open. Finally, we could take our packs off, sit and have something to eat. 

It was time to check into our room at the Idyllwild Inn. As we walked up the the building there was a huge sign in from that said, Welcome PCT Hikers. In fact there were a bunch of signs around town welcoming us. They made me feel special. Once in our room, Mandie hit the shower and I headed back out for drinks. We needed water, 7-Up, and Gatorade, of course. I returned shortly, set the items on the floor, kicked my shoes off and crashed onto the bed. The rest of the night was filled with resting, cleaning our gear, and of course another meal. :) We ended up falling asleep watching Shawshank Redemption. 

Life is good. 

Side note: there seems to be an issue posting replies to comments on Blogger. Mandie is experiencing the same issue so it is not just me. Please keep commenting though and I will answer your questions in posts. 

Erin B., the Double Rainbow Tarptent is a good tent, nice and light tent with two doors. It is only a single-wall tent so and condensation that gets on the outside permeates to the inside whenever anything touches the tent wall. It sucks. So, we ordered the liner in hopes that it helps. The only other issue we had with it was that the cross bar/pole is hard to take out and put in. We like to stuff the tent into a stuff sack and so removing this pole was important to us; I don't think it is really meant to be removed every time. To fix this issue, I just cut the fiberglass pole a half-inch shorter so it was easier to get into it's sleeve.