Thursday, April 10, 2014

Much needed rest in Julian - Day 5 (4/9/2014)

Day 5 - 3 miles from Sunrise Trailhead to Julian
2.9 miles

First, today is my friend Robert's birthday... Happy Birthday Robert.

Mandie's  insoles that were not helping
As mentioned in yesterday's post Mandie's feet were in bad shape.  We decided to get off the trail as soon as we could, and get to the town of Julian and rest our bodies. 

We woke to a beautiful sunrise and did our usual morning ritual. We started hiking around 7 am at a slower than usual morning pace. About 2 hours later we finally reached the spur trail to the road and Sunrise Trailhead. As we reached the spur trail we saw our friends Pink Panther, Happy Feet, Blondie, and Dawny. We explained our situation to them, caught up on trail gossip and bid them farewell. We hope to catch up with them in a few days after they make their stop in Julian. 

We tried hitching a ride but there were few cars traveling our way and those that did come by didn't stop. Mandie went on to facebook and put out the word that we needed a ride. Patrick, one of Mandie's online friends posted a comment that we should contact a shuttle service in the area and see what they could do. We did and Transit Van Shuttle agreed to come get us for a small fee. It would be a couple of hours before the shuttle would arrive so we sat in the shade of a couple of pit toilets. The shuttle finally arrived and we were whisked away to the Julian LodgeThe lodge is a nice little hotel off the main road that even offered a hiker discount. 

We spent the rest of the afternoon showering, eating real food, drinking 7up and Gatorade, and doing chores like laundry and our dishes. It feels good to be clean. 

Tomorrow we are having some friends bring Mandie some new shoes as well as some other backpacking supplies that we need. One of those items is a new sleeping pad that we are hoping will allow us to sleep better. 

This is such an awesome life!