Thursday, April 3, 2014

PCT Acknowledgements

There are some people and companies that I would like to thank for making my trip possible.

First, I would like to thank Mandie for coming into my life and making it amazingly wonderful, full of life, love, and adventure. Without her, this epic trip would never have even crossed my radar. She is a huge inspiration to me, helped me get out of my shell and start living life. Walking the PCT has been a dream of hers and I am so grateful that she is allowing me to share in this experience with her. It is going to be so much fun! FLU!

Second, I would like to thank my family and friends. They have all been very supportive both financially and emotionally. Without their support and love it would have been much more difficult to make this trip happen. Thank you mom and dad for your unconditional support and love. Tammy, Jay, Dani, and Jordan, thank you for always being there for me. Robert, Kathy, and family... you guys are awesome. Thank you for storing my stuff while I am gone and being wonderful friends. Eli, thanks for putting up with me while I invaded your living space, you are a great guy and brother to Mandie. Carlos, you have taken over the care of my two babies (kitties) and I appreciate that very much. Knowing that they are in such good hands will make this trip that much easier. I love you all and will miss you very much. Y'all better come out and meet us on the trail!

Finally, I would like to thank a few companies that have 'sponsored' or helped make my trip possible.
  • Ziploc: Of the dozen or so donation letters I sent out, you guys were the only ones to send me something back. Thank you very much for the kind letter and coupons.
  • The Deuce of Spades Trowel: This was a Kickstarter project that I helped fund and I am so glad to see that it was funded well beyond expectations. Mike, you are a great guy and I really appreciate you getting a trowel to me before I leave for my trip.
  • Keen Footwear: You guys are an awesome company for sponsoring PCT hikers like you do. Thank you for the socks! Go #PCTDirtyDozen
 Thank you all for your help and support, which without, would have made this epic adventure that much harder.