Sunday, April 27, 2014

Racing The Rain - Day 21 (4/25/2014)

Day 21
Mile 216.8 to mile 230.1
13.3 miles

Today was a pretty uneventful day compared to some other days on the trail. We broke camp around the usual time and finished the last few miles to where the PCT drops into Whitewater Preserve. 

When the trail met the river for the first time we decided to take a break, have something to eat of course, and fill up on water. I also took this opportunity to go off and dig a cat hole. While walking around looking for the perfect spot I noticed some bear, and other small animal, tracks the sand. Every time we come to this area we see all kinds of animal tracks but never any animals. Maybe one time. 

As we hiked along there were hundreds if not thousands of caterpillars with horns on their butts cruising around. Mandie says they turn into Sphinx Moths. There were so many of them it was amazing. You almost couldn't walk without stepping on them. 

Nine miles from where we started this morning we arrived at Mission Creek. A great place to stop and rest, refill water bottles, etc... There are several other hikers there including Pills. We lay around for a while and watch the thunderhead clouds grow around us. There is supposed to be a storm coming which will drop some snow in Big Bear.  Eventually get up and get going around 2:30p. 

The sky is looking more and more ominous as we hike on. We have been hiking up a wash for most of the day and decide, with a storm coming, it is best not to camp in the wash. We find some higher ground and set up camp a little earlier than normal. I am sure neither of us want a repeat of last night and so we don't mind getting off the trail a little early. 

It is close to 9:30p as I write this and not a drop of rain has fallen yet. It is windy though, as it always seems to be in the desert. I enjoy the rain and have never been in a tent while it is raining so I am torn on if I want the storm to come or not. I'm sure it sucks but right now it seems so cool.