Thursday, April 10, 2014

Resting in Julian Part 2 - Day 6 (4/10/2014)

Day 6

Today we are planning on leaving Julian and getting back onto the trail. We miss the trail, our friends, and making progress. The plan is to go from where we exited the trail yesterday, Sunrise Trailhead to 1 mile short of Scissors Crossing, a 16 mile journey. We are stopping short of Scissors Crossing in hopes that there will be some trail magic there in the morning as we will be hiking at night tonight. Night hiking is awesome! Much cooler, temp wise, and more animals. 

Mandie and Josh at Julian Pie Company
(Photo by Brita Ferm)
We have some shopping to do before our friends Brita and Richard show up with new shoes and some replacement gear. Also, Mom's Bakery offers a free slice of pie to PCT Thru Hikers, I'm all over that. 

While I have a free post here I want to mention a few things...

Photos, I am taking photos along the way. Because of their file size they are difficult to get off of my phone and onto the Internet but I am trying. I'm hoping Robert can then take the photos and insert them in to blog. Thank you Robert. 

Typos and Grammar: I'm sure that there are tons of errors in the blog postings. I am typing them on my phone which is a pain. Also, my phone has stopped capitalizing the letter 'i' for some reason. Robert is helping me fix these issues. RTFM!

Trail Perforation: One of the neat things that I have noticed on the trail is that it is 'perforated' on both sides from trekking poles. It makes for a neat look. Just something that I wanted to share and it didn't fit into any one post. 

Our relationship: It is on a whole new level. :) All of the taboo things that we didn't do in front of each other in the 'cotton world' are being done out here. I am sure you can imagine what I am talking about but here is a funny example: As we were leaving Pioneer Mail picnic area the other day my private areas were really bothering me. Mandie suggested that I put some Aquaphor on the which should help. Without hesitation I dropped my shorts and began apply lotion to all those sensitive areas. We both laughed hysterically at how far we have come.