Monday, April 21, 2014

Zero In Idyllwild - Day 17 (4/21/2014)

Day 17
Zero in Idyllwild

Today we rested and had a pretty uneventful day other than a few things. 

1) We got laundry done. The Idyllwild Inn has been wonderful,  they offer to do one load of laundry for free to their guests. A wonderful gesture, especially for thru-hikers. Stay here if you visit Idyllwild. 

2) I got all of my pictures uploaded to Flickr, 

3) Mandie and I got an appointment for a foot massage and it was the weirdest massage I have ever had. Mandie says that it was just the type of massage but I think it was inexperience. For one, she talked through the whole thing. Second, she used an electric vibrating back massager. Something I could have done myself. Finally, she used a metal coffee spoon to massage my feet. What is that about? If you are a fan of the show Friends, you might remember the episode where Ross gives a massage using wooden spoons and a Tonka Truck, this is all I could think of. It was not the relaxing or soothing experience I was looking for. 

4) We ate pizza! 

5) The 'Razor' snake is actually a California Racer snake. At least that's what it will be until it changes. :)

We are all packed up and ready to head out early tomorrow. We have a steep climb up Devil's Slide trail out of here and want to beat the heat. I am looking forward to getting back onto the trail.