Friday, May 9, 2014

A Slow Climb - Day 36 (5/8/2014)

Day 36
Mile 341.8 to mile 356.7
14.9 miles

We woke up a bit late this morning cuz the room was so dark and cozy. Since it had been many hours since we last ate we decided that we should hit up the Continental Breakfast before resupplying at the Circle K convenient store. We ate far too many carbs but it was still yummy. I grabbed an orange and decided to save it for later. 

After breakfast we went to the convenient store to gather what food we could that would fuel us to Wrightwood in two days. The choices were slim to say the least and we walked out with nothing but junk food and way too much of it. We made the decision in Big Bear to resupply here so that we did not have to carry so much food. Not sure if that was a good idea or not. 

Back in the room, we repackaged all the food, got our stuff all packed up, and headed out the door. We made the dangerous road walk back to the trail safely and were back in our environment. 

The first part of hike was spent walking under freeways and through train underpasses. It wasn't the prettiest section of trail but we had finally reached the trains that we had spent days listening too. I spent a few minutes taking pictures of the passing train for Robert before we pressed on.

The trail to Wrightwood is close to 25 miles mostly all up hill. We will be going up and through the Angeles National Forest. The elevation gain wasn't too bad to start with but it got steeper and steeper. It went like that for about 7 miles before tapering out a bit. As the trail gained elevation it wined in and out of small valleys full of chaparral bush. 

After the big climb I was feeling very sluggish and had very little energy. We stopped to eat the Subway sandwich we had packed out with us but that didn't seem to restore much energy. I think all that up hill hiking zapped me of my energy reserves because from then on my pace got slower and slower. 

We would stop and rest every so often but it didn't help me too much. I spent most of the hike with my head down just going through the motions. Every bit of me wanted to just stop and be done with it. But where would I go? I was in the middle of nowhere so I had to keep going and that is what I did, ever so slowly. 

About 1.5 miles from where we would eventually stop for the night we ran into a Poodle Dog Bush grove. If you have never seen or heard of Poodle Dog Bush before, it looks a lot like marijuana and kinda smells like it too, with that skunk, musky odor to it. For those who are allergic to the bush, the reaction is worse than Poison Oak. So, we did our best to avoid coming into contact with it but there was so much it was impossible to avoid it completely. Fingers crossed neither of us have an outbreak. 

We are now tucked away in our sleeping bags listening to the wind race through the tree tops. Since the climb was so strenuous we have little water to make it to Wrightwood. To make matters even worse all the junk food we bought seems to be very salty too. We need to be a little more careful next time we resupply. 

Oh yeah, that orange that I packed out from the continental breakfast... When we got into the tent it was the first thing I grabbed to eat. I cut it in half and open it up, moldy! Single biggest disappoint of the day. Not only did I carry it for 15 miles to where we are now but now I have to carry it all the way to Wrightwood. It won't decompose here in the desert, not enough moisture. Big bummer!