Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Back From Bakersfield - (5/23/2014)

Mile 558.5 to mile 569.4
10.9 miles

Today is my dad's birthday. Happy birthday dad, I'm so happy you are able to celebrate it in good health. Love you. 

Yesterday there was no post because it was a zero day at Mandie's dad's house. It was a very relaxing day that started with us going in his jacuzzi and pool and ended with a wonderful steak dinner. We did laundry, resupplied for our next 6 days on the trail, watched movies, and was lazy as much as possible. 

The day before our zero I was thinking about all these random topics that I wanted to write about on our zero day but I never got around to writing a post that day. Below are a couple of random things I think about while hiking and then I'll get to today. 

Plants and Animals
Through most of Southern California we have had the pleasure of listening to a certain bird called the Mountain Chickadee. The Mountain Chickadee has several calls that sounds a lot like it is saying 'cheeseburger' and, 'double cheeseburger'. I haven't heard a Mountain Chickadee in a while and I kinda miss my friend. 

I know Mandie has written about this but there is a plant out there that smells an awful lot like French fries and ketchup. You might think it is our imagination but there are other hikers that have smelled it too. It's kinda cool. 

One of the cool things about hiking this much is that we get to eat anything we want, and I mean anything, at any time with no guilt. Most of the binge eating only happens in town but we put away an impressive amount of food. Most of it isn't super healthy either, Mandie craves pizza a lot on the trail and I crave cheeseburgers but we also get to eat cookies and ice cream and you name it, with no guilt. (I can hear my mom, who is a super healthy eater gasping right now. Hi mom.) We do crave and eat fresh vegetables and fruit too, since we rarely get that on the trail. We burn up to 5000 calories a day so even with all the food that goes in, we still manage to lose weight. 


Onto today:

Today was a pretty uneventful day as far as hiking goes. We got dropped off by Mandie's dad and his wife around 11:45 am. Our packs were ├╝ber heavy with 6 days of food and 5 liters of water in it. This section has few water resupply points so we have to carry extra water. Lucky for us the trail and elevation gain was fairly gentle. Of course the wind and wind turbines were back; it wasn't quite as windy today as it has been though. 

Eight miles after starting, we crossed Hwy 58 and found a water cache. Since we had 5 liters we didn't need any water but still took the opportunity to take off our shoes and rest. The next part of the trail would be gaining a significant amount of elevation as we traverse the Tehachapi mountains. Because of this we decided to guzzle a liter of water, that we were carrying, to make our packs a couple of pounds lighter. Losing those two pounds helped so much. 

Back on our feet we started climbing up the mountain. There was a tent site a few miles away that we had planned on staying at. We arrived at said tent site and found that it was a very nice site. It was under several Joshua trees, was flat, and somewhat protected from the wind. It was perfect. 

With the tent up and us inside of it we had dinner, looked at each other's photos, and talked until it was time to blog. It was fairly uneventful day but that's okay. Those kinda days are good too. 

We have our sights set on the Sierra which we should be getting to in about 140 miles or around 9-10 days. We are so excited to get there and out of the desert. One day at a time though.