Thursday, May 1, 2014

Birthday Boy Zero - Day 26 (4/30/2014)

Day 26
Another Zero in Big Bear

Today is my birthday and our feet are still recovering so we decided to make this a double zero. We will be back on the trail tomorrow. 

Today we had a nice continental breakfast then came back to the room for a nap. After that we rode the bus to Big 5 hoping to get some blister stuff and new socks. Their selection was pretty slim so we headed off to Kmart. Kmart had a bigger selection but not exactly what we wanted, we needed an REI kinda store. There doesn't seem to be a place like that here. 

Our next stop was CVS for blister pads, then Starbucks for some decent coffee. Well, coffee that was better than the hotel's coffee. We then headed over to Vons to get resupply food. We have a better idea of the kind of food we eat on the trail now so resupplying was much easier this time. It helped that we had a full-on grocery store too. 

Our last stop was at a laundromat to get a single serving of laundry detergent. It was time to do bathtub laundry again. Amazing how dirty our stuff is. Since all of our clothes need to be washed we can't wash them at a public place. On laundry day, we spend the day in towels. Town clothes would be nice but then we would have to carry them. It was my birthday, so my birthday suit was appropriate. :)

We finished up the day with Chinese food and watching movies, John Carter and Iron Man. 

As I mentioned above we will be back of the trail tomorrow with full packs. Resupplying is heavy and it is only four days of food. Should be interesting when we get to the Sierra's and have to carry something like seven days of food. By then we will be hiking machines. 

Thank you for the comments Uncle B. It is really nice knowing what people think of the blog and that people are actually reading it.