Friday, May 9, 2014

Dark Of The Moontain - Day 38 (5/9/2014)

Day 37
Mile 356.7 to mile 363.5 + 3 miles down the Acorn Trail to Wrightwood
9.8 miles

Mandie and I received our first PCT hike donation the other day which totally caught us by surprise. It is from a friend of my parents, the Norris Family, and is very much appreciated. Thank you very much. 

Today's blog title has really nothing to do with anything other than I wanted a Transformers themed title. 

It was an unusually warm night for some reason and I was able to find very comfortable positions to sleep in. I was actually able to have limbs outside of the sleeping bag which is probably why I slept better than usual. 

We had very little water for the day so we decided not to make morning coffee. By not making morning coffee we were able to get on the trail a little earlier than usual. Not having any water made our packs light, which I suppose is another bonus. We may die of dehydration but at least our packs were light. :P It wasn't that dire of a situation. 

There would be more climbing today and it started as soon as we hit the trail. The plus side to climbing this much is that we had beautiful views of the surrounding mountains skirted in fog as the sun came up. The wind was strong and there was a definite chill in the air.  

As we hiked along we passed a couple of other hikers that we had leap frogged with the day before. One of those hikers was Homegirl and the other was Buttercup. Buttercup is one of four hikers that is hiking the PCT as part of the Warrior Hike 'Walk Off The War' project. 

The “Walk Off The War” Program is designed to support combat veterans transitioning from their military service by thru-hiking America’s National Scenic Trails.

Sounds like a great program to me. 

Wrightwood was our destination for the day and we had two options to get there. Option One, was to hike down the very steep Acorn Trail from mile 363.5 and walk into town or Option Two was to continue on to mile 369.8 to Hwy 2 and hitch into town.  Despite really wanting to do more PCT miles, we chose option one for several reasons. One, we had a couple of packages that we needed to pick up from the PO which closed at 5 pm and we felt it would be cutting it too close if we did those extra miles.  Two, we needed to do resupply shopping and would need time to do that. Three, we needed water. 

It was a very steep descent and should be fun climbing back up it tomorrow with full packs on. 

In town we found a place to stay, got some real food including an orange that I was deprived of the other day, and went to the PO to get two packages that my sister sent me. Back in the room, showers were taken and then we sat down to plan our resupply strategy. That conversation shortly turned to the miles we were doing each day and if we would make it to Canada. 

We looked back on the last 37 hiking days and wrote down the mileage for each of those days. What we determined was that our shorter mileage days were days that we either were hurt/injured or was a day that we were going into town. Most, but not all, of the other days were around 15 mpd (Miles per day). That didn't make us feel any better so Mandie posted to FB asking for some insight and got some very positive feedback. It sounds like we will be fine. 

With that out of the way we headed back out to the store to buy our resupply food. We have six days that we need to carry food for to get us to Agua Dulce. That is a lot of food. The food we chose this time was far healthier than previous shopping sprees. I think we are learning that this is our fuel and we need better fuel to hike long and feel better. 

After resupplying we grabbed a bite to eat at a local restaurant, the Grizzly Cafe, which was very good and reasonably priced. Upon returning back to our room we repackaged our food and got all packed up for tomorrow. We would like to get an early start and having everything packed up should help with that. 

The two packages my sister sent me contained some compression socks, a stretching band for my calves, some Arnica sports cream, and the most delicious banana bread I have ever had. Thank you sis, you are the best!