Monday, May 5, 2014

Deep Creek Hot Springs - Day 31 (5/5/2014)

Day 31
Mile 301.4 to mile 315.6
14.2 miles

What a weird day today was. It started out with me waking up in a cranky mood. It was early and Mandie was rushing to get things packed up and I didn't want to rush. We were in a Day Use Only area, so she had reason to rush. I just wasn't ready to move that fast so I lashed out at her. I made amends and we went on with our morning. 

It was difficult leaving such a beautiful camp site but we had to. We have lots of beautiful places ahead of us to see. 

The trail today was pretty much a continuation of yesterday's trail. We walked along the canyon walls with the Deep Creek river below us. As we walked around every corner it seemed like the view of the river below got better and better. So many pools of water and small water falls. It was green and lush looking. The soft morning sun made everything look so inviting. Definitely an area we will return to. 

As we walked along the trail today we saw more reptiles. A couple of Garter snakes laying across the trail and I think I caught the tail end of a Racer snake. There was also this lizard that was quite large that I saw. It was close to a foot and a half long colored with yellow and black checkers. I got a picture of a smaller one earlier but this one was massive and too fast. We also see lots of stink bug and fuzzy butt bugs.

We plodded along until we got to Deep Creek Hot Springs; a clothing optional natural hot spring. It is an interesting area to say the least and has a weird vibe to it. Of course there are naked people walking around and a lot of them seem to be on drugs. Case in point...

When we got there we found a nice little shady spot that was close to some ones hammock hanging between two trees. As we layed there getting snacks out a naked boy walks up to the hammock, grabs a tin can, turns to us and asks, 'Do you guys want to smoke some weed?' We politely declined and he went off to do his thing. A little while later he returns, gets dressed and leaves again. He returns a short time later and gets in his hammock. About 3 minutes later he gets up and comes over to where we are and starts chatting us up. As we talk about this or that he repeatedly tells us that he just ate a bunch of mushrooms and is tripping hard. Oookay buddy.

He seems like a nice enough kid and has been at Deep Creek Hot Springs for about two weeks now. The hot spring is in the middle of nowhere. How he gets food and water is beyond me. He eventually stumbles off to go chat with some other people and Mandie and I make some lunch.

He returns once again as we are packing up and starts chatting us up again. We learn a bit more him and his life and what brought him to where he is. His name is Corey. He is 25 and has two daughters from two different woman. He seems a bit lost and isn't quite sure where he belongs. So that's the jist of my drug story. 

Another trippy experience was when I had my legs in a hot spring. It was me and another hiker sitting there dangling our legs in the water when a naked gal walks over. She has a wad of clothes in her hands which she then plops down right next to the other hiker. She then proceeds to do her laundry. She couldn't have been more than  a foot away from this guy. The look on his face was priceless. His eyes were open wide and he kept them facing forward the entire time. He was dumbfounded and did not know what to do or where to look. I thought it was hysterical. 

We're back on the trail now walking towards the opening of the canyon. In a few miles we will have walked the entire canyon. I think that is pretty cool. When we do get to the opening there is a huge concrete spillway and dam. I guess at times a lot of water can flow through here.

The trail crosses the creek one more time and we stop to do what else, fill up on water and eat snacks. That's all we do now, walk, eat, and sleep. The area seems to be an off-road playground, there are 4x4 tracks everywhere, even through the river. There also seems to be some oil slicks that have formed, which is a huge bummer when it's your water source. I'm not sure if our water filter filters out motor oil. Maybe it will help with our dry skin. :P

We fill up our water containers and hike on out of there. We do a couple more miles in gale force winds before finding a place to camp. It seems to have some good wind coverage as long as the wind only comes from one direction.

Dinner tonight was a packet of tuna salad with some crushed up crackers and a mustard packet in it. We also had a package of Top Ramen. The tuna was great!