Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Hikertown - (5/19/2014)

Mile 494.6ish to mile 526.6
32 miles (15 actual walking miles)

Somewhere along our road walk this morning we crossed the 500 mile marker. We have walked 500+ miles, crazy!

We did 6 more miles of road walking this morning to get to Hikertown. All this road walking has been because of the Powerhouse Fire closing the actual PCT trail. Roads are a bit more direct and taking them has cut a bunch of PCT miles off, which is what the mileage at the top of each blog post is based on. We didn't actually do 32 miles today but based on where we think we were on the road and where we got back onto the trail it's what the numbers turn out to be. 

Hikertown is an interesting place to say the least. It is situated in the Lancaste/Mojave area basically in the middle of nowhere. When you walk up the driveway to the gate your eyes immediately go to the row of old western style buildings. There is a building for the Post Office, a Saloon, Jail, General Store, etc... I guess the person that owns Hikertown used to be in the Motion Picture business and that is where these building props came from. 

There are several dogs running around on the property including a new mother who just gave birth to a whole grip of puppies. They are so cute. There are chickens and roosters walking around as well as some llamas out back. 

We stopped by the PO on our way by to pick up a resupply box we had shipped there. I think the PO builing is the only building that is what it says it is on the outside. From there we made our way over to the Hiker Lounge which is a fancy way to say garage. Inside of the garage there were several couches and Lazy Boy chairs, a kitchen that was accessible by hopping over a couch and a bathroom. Out back there was laundry facility and some trailers which I think the groundskeeper lived in. 

It was a very interesting place. 

We got comfortable on a couch in the back and immediately started charging our devices, things were either dead or soon to be dead. We then started talking with Detour and Lap Dog, the two German ladies. They had walked the entire road walk the night before and didn't get there until 10 pm. Homegirl was also there and was just about to jump into the shower. 

As we sat there chatting we learned of a store a few miles down the road.  We could call the store and somebody would come over and pick us up. How cool is that! We called and made arrangements to be picked up around lunch time. 

When John, the store owner showed up, he drove us around town a bit, showing us where the trail went, before taking us to the store. The store was your typical convenient store that also had a grill.  We all ordered burgers and ate chips and drank sodas while we waited for them to be ready. For convenient store burgers, they were pretty good. John then drove us back to Hikertown. I'm sure us hikers are good for business so he doesn't mind picking us up. 

Now that we had eaten, everyone started packing up and getting ready to head back out to the trail. Mandie and I were waiting on a second package to be delivered so we weren't getting ready just yet. The Postman came and went and there was no package. I went online and Amazon said that the package would be delivered tomorrow. Bummer. The package was a second phone charging cable so it wasn't ├╝ber important that we get it. I spoke to the groundskeeper and they weren't willing to reject the package so we just told him to keep it. He then found some other iPhone charging cable and gave us that on in exchange for the one that would arrive tomorrow. Score! I love when things work out like that. Mandie and I could now pack up and leave, which we did. 

This part of the trail would take us along the LA Aqueduct. We would walk along it while it was above water and walk on it when it went below water. I believe the LA Aqueduct diverts water from the Colorado river and diverts it to LA. It was a pretty cool sight to see and walking atop a huge metal pipe, that was partially burried, was neat until the novelty wore off. After that we just walked on the dirt road that was beside it. 

The pipe eventually goes completely underground but we still followed its path through desert farm land. They farm sheep out here and I know that because a I saw a huge herd of sheep, I would say in the thousands, crossed our path. We stopped to take pictures and video of them as we baaa'd back and forth with them. It was the highlight of our day. 

Now we are stealth camped along side of the Aqueduct somewhere in the middle of the Mojave desert. It is a cool night with a slight breeze crossing over our tent. The plan for tomorrow is to get up a little earlier so we can get some more miles in before it heats up. 

Baaaa bye