Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Hitting 400 - Day 41 (5/12/2014)

Day 41
Mile 384.3 to mile 403.4
19.3 miles (17 miles of actual walking)

Mandie and I learned today that our friend Pillsbury is off the trail for a week or more. She had to push the SOS button on her personal location device a few days ago. When the Sheriff showed up they took her to the hospital and she had to have her Appendix removed. 

We wish you a speedy recovery Pills and hope you are back on the trail soon.   

(My day count seems to have gotten messed up. Next time I am at a computer I will fix that.)

Today started out like the last few days with the cold wind howling but it eventually stopped and turned out to be a beautiful day. It was glorious.  

From Little Jimmy camp we hiked up a mountain, just for the heck of it, and came down the other side to meet up with Highway 2. We then crossed Hwy 2 and hiked along side of it for another mile until we reached Eagle's Roost picnic area. We stopped there for a bite to eat before doing a couple mile road walk to Buckhorn CG. The road walk was necessary to bypass an area that houses an endangered species of frog. 

At Buchhorn CG we found a campsite with a working water spigot and dropped our packs there. As we sat there drinking water a couple of guys showed up and sat with us. Their names escape me. Soon after Far Out showed up and joined us. (Far Out is the guy we met at Grassy Hollow Visitor Center who's name I couldn't remember.) The a German lady named Sprinkles showed up and joined the party. We all sat there talking, eating, and drinking as much water as we could. 

As we were getting close to packing up to head to a side trail, which was part of the endangered species detour, that would take us back to the PCT a young girl named Holly showed up. We had met Holly and her friend Angelina the other day after  Mandie and I got to the top of the Acorn Trail. Holly mentioned that if we continued to walk on Hwy 2 for another mile we could bypass the 2.7 mile side trail. Mandie and I weren't sure if we wanted to do this, despite everyone else pressuring us to do it. So, we decided to leave it up to the coin gods. Heads we walk the road, Tails we walk the trail. We flipped the coin and it was Heads. Far Out, Sprinkles, Mandie and I headed to the road. Holly and her friends were not far behind. 

Taking a little bit of a shortcut was probably a good thing for us. We have some miles that we need to make up and this helped us make those up. We still did a good bit of walking for the day, we are just a little further along than our legs think we are.

After joining back up with the PCT we hiked for a couple more miles before hitting mile 400! Yeah for us!

After mile 400 we came to Camp Glenwood. I am not sure what the history of this place is but there was a nice cabin and privy there. There was even a spigot for us to refill our water bladders with. The water came out hot and needed to be filtered but it was wet. Since we had a source of water, we had dinner there with Far Out before hitting the trail to do a few more miles. Sprinkles decided to camp there for the night. 

We are now camped out at Three Points junction, a wide spot on Hwy 2, where there is a bathroom and not much else. There isn't much wind, thankfully, but there is the sound of a winged creature flying about. It could be a Pterodactyl (SP ?), or maybe a Bumble Bee, but whatever it is it sounds like it wants to fly away with our tent. 

Today was a good day on the trail. We have a bunch more miles to do tomorrow as well; hopefully it will just as good of a day.