Friday, May 16, 2014

Kicking It At The KOA - Day 44 (5/15)

Day 44
Mile 440.3 to mile 444.3
4 miles

Today was a glorious short day on the trail today. A much needed short mileage day that was planned, not caused by an injury or anything like that. 

We started out as early as we could because we knew it was going to be a hot day. Even at 7a the sun was already blistering hot but as I mentioned we only had 4 miles to put up with it. 

The trail started to climb right out of camp but only ascended for a short time before we started to drop again. It would go up and down a couple more times before we would make our final decent to Soledad Canyon Road. Just before reaching the road we came across some Trail Magic. Coppertone was waiting in the trailhead parking lot with cookies and bananas. He usually has Root Beer Floats but we were too early for those. Maybe next time. 

Around 930a we entered the KOA and had to wait for them to open before we could register for a camp spot and get some food. While we waited we took the opportunity to dunk our heads in their sprinklers. They finally opened, we registered and picked up some snacks and drinks. Soon after, we hit the showers and did some laundry. 

As we laid about on the grass Far Out finally showed up and joined us. He basically repeated our process of snacks, laundry, and showers. We the ordered some food from a local pizza place that delivered to the KOA. Somebody would be bringing us food, how lucky are we!

Throughout the afternoon the KOA would fill up with hikers. All of us setting up to get to the Saufley's tomorrow. The Saufley's are a major Trail Angel, who can accommodate something like 50 hikers at a time. Our plan is to swing by there tomorrow to pick up a couple of boxes, resupply in Agua Dulce, and then get out of town and back on the trail. 

The sun is setting now, the temperature is dropping and the bugs have come out. We are planning on leaving here around 4a to beat the heat during our 10 miles to Agua Dulce. We will see if that happens.