Saturday, June 14, 2014

Communication Breakdown - (6/9)

Breakdown 0 miles

Today we had every intention of hiking back up Cottonwood Pass and getting back of the trail. Yeah, that didn't happen. 

The morning started out with us going to get something to eat and then returning to the room and packing up. We then ran a couple of errands; I mailed home my bladder whoohooo! So sick of that thing and so happy to have gotten rid of it. We then had the task of getting a ride back to the trailhead. 

We stood on a corner in downtown Lone Pine for quite some time trying to hitch a ride. Nobody seemed to be going to the trailhead. Finally, a nice gentleman who lived at a bit closer to the trailhead stopped and offered us a ride. He brought us to the last intersection before the road went up to the trailhead. That way, anybody that passed us was definetly going to the top. The only problem was that it was in the middle of nowhere on a hot day with no shade around. Beggars can't be choosers    I guess. After a couple of cars went by without stopping a nice young lady in an awesome lifted truck stopped and picked us up. She was heading to the top to do some trail running. 

Once at the trailhead, we said our goodbyes and she took off. Mandie and I hung back for a while drinking water and trying to get the moivation to start hiking. We finally had what we needed and started off down the trail. About five minutes later Mandie said that she wasn't feeling good and wanted to sit down for a minute. We found a nice shady spot and sat for a few minutes. She then said that her stomach wasn't feeling well and needed to go back to the trailhead and use the bathroom. No problem. While she left I picked apart a downed log looking for grubs. 

She returned shortly after leaving and asked if we could camp at the trailhead for the night. I had no problem with that since it was only 3.5 miles to where we were going to camp. No huge lose there. We found the perfect camp site, protected from the wind, and Mandie laid down in the dirt. She laid there for a few minutes before she decided that she wanted to be in the tent. While we were laying in the tent I started to feel light headed and a little queazy so I got out of the hot tent and laid in the ground in the shade. 

It could have been the Chinese food that we ate the night before but we think not feeling good was from the elevation. We zoomed up to 10,000 in the car from Lone Pine which might have been too much for us. 

The night ended with us fighting about getting up early and taking breaks while on the trail. Since I don't sleep well at night it is hard for me to get us early. So I mentioned, without thinking, that if we take less breaks while hiking we wouldn't have to get up so early. I didn't stop and think about what I was saying and didn't think about how Mandie feels about those breaks. She feels sensitive about them, like she is the only hiker that has to take them, and she feels like she is slowing me down. I can understand that and I honestly don't mind taking breaks with her. I feel like we are a team and we travel together. I never like to get too far ahead of her in case something were to happen. I just wasn't thinking when I made that comment. 

The evening ended with a lot of silence. 


Is way harder than it sounds
But try as we must