Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day - (6/14 - 6/15)

0 miles

Happy Father's Day to all you fathers out there. 

We are zeroing today taking care of the usual things, laundry, resupply, rest, and eating. Neither of us is looking forward to going up Kersarge Pass to get back to the trail which makes it easy to stay in a motel room. 

We have a mission for when we return back to the trail. One of Mandie's friends lost his wedding ring camping near a lake that is just off the trail. We are going to go over there and see if we can find it for him. It might be a long shot but ya never know and it is much easier for us to go there and look than it is for him. My gut says that we will be successful. I hope it is a titanium ring, gold is heavy. 

After that we will be on the trail for about 8 days hitting a mountain pass almost every day. We are going to try and resupply at Muir Ranch or VVR with a final destination of Mammoth. During that time we will have no cell service. It is going to be a tough and beautiful section. 


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