Saturday, June 7, 2014

It's Been A Hard Day's Hike - (6/1/2014)

Mile 659.4 to mile 676.3
16.9 miles 

... I should be sleeping like a log. 

Today's entry is going to be tough to write because today was a hard sucky day and who wants to write about that?

Last night the wind kept us up most of the night. At some point I had to get out of the tent to stake down the vestibule because I was sick of hearing it flap against the side of the tent. It was cold and dark outside and scary! ;) we figure we got about 4 hours of sleep. 

After breaking camp we hiked down Mt. Jenkins for 4 miles to Joshua Tree Spring. The PCT Water Report says that the water is safe to drink but there is Uranium in it. It is also a quarter of a mile off trail. The next Uranium free water source was 5 miles further down trail and we needed water. We lucked out when another hiker, Why Not, offered us some of his extra water so we didn't have to drink the tainted water. We of course took it and thanked him profusely. Thank you again Why Not. 

We busted out the 5 miles to the next water source, Spanish Needle Creek, pretty quickly. There was already a couple of other hikers there filling up on water and resting their feet. The spring's flow was a little more than a trickle and wasn't deep enough to fill up the bladder all the way. So, I had to use the Zip Lock bag we store our filter in to fill up the bladder the rest of the way. It is nice and convenient having a 3L bladder but can be a pain to fill up sometimes. We cameled up and filled up our water containers expecting to camp at the next water source, 11 miles away. 

The trail away from the spring took us up a huge mountain in the hot afternoon sun. It was steep, rocky, and exposed most of the way. On top of that my foot was throbbing and being more painful than usual. I think being so tired just exacerbated things. We took a few minutes to rest in the shade and let my foot simmer down before continuing on. 

Dripping with sweat, we eventually reached the top of the mountain/saddle. We found a wonderful flat spot that was in the shade and dropped our packs immediately. We stayed there for about an hour eating some lunch and talking about what we would be doing if not on the trail because I wanted to quit...

Today was the first day I had felt like quitting the trail. Sure there have need days that I wanted to be someplace else but today it was different. Today I am so tired of everything. Tired of being thirsty, tired of being hot, tired of having my ass kicked every day, tired of being in pain, tired of the desert, tired of it all. I miss being able to relax and not having to go go go every day. This trip is tough and it is not just your ordinary back packing trip. We don't get the luxury of getting to our destination, setting up camp, and enjoying the area. This trip isn't about that, it is about making miles and that's about it. 

I may feel like quitting but I am not about to. I am too stubborn and certainly not a handful of miles away from the Sierra. I am just having a hard, sleep deprived day and I am hoping a good nights sleep and a change of scenery will get me my mojo back. 

26 miles until we are in the Sierra.