Saturday, June 7, 2014

Mike The Marmot - (6/6)

Mile 736.4 to mile 750.9
14.5 miles

Todayis Mandie's sobriety anniversary, 9 years. Good job baby, I'm proud of you. 

Burr it was cold last night. I need to figure some way of staying warm at night so I can sleep. Maybe I just need to keep adding layers but I only have so many that I can put on. Hmmm.

It was a beautiful but chilly morning in our private little meadow. There was frost on the ground that sparkled in the soft morning sun and condensation on the tent. I am sure it glimmered too but I didn't want to look at it since it dripped cold water on me. 

We packed up, putting the wet tent in a bag, had something to eat and were on our way. The half mile back to the PCT was easy and we were on trail in no time. Our destination, Diaz Creek was some 5 miles down trail. Now that there is more water available we don't have to carry as much. But, it means we have to stop more often. It is better than carrying it!

At Diaz Creek we laid the tent and my quilt over a rock to dry. My quilt had gotten we from the condensation seeping through the tent wall. Since we had an abundance of water I took the liberty of washing my socks and my underwear. There is something about putting on clean sock in the morning that makes me happy. The underwear, eh, it was time for it to get a washing. While we waited for things to dry we ate and drank, of course. 

After we left Diaz Creek we spent the rest of the day climbing to 11,228, where we would camp near Chicken Spring Lake. The trail was nicely graded which really helped us in this higher elevation. We were both sucking air pretty hard. Along the way we ran into Rosel and Walter again, the German couple that is southbound section hiking the PCT. We were surprised to see them so soon and hope to see them again. Next time I will take a picture of them. 

The higher elevation did offer us some spectacular views of the meadow below. I wish I could have gotten better pictures of them but the trees obstructed the panoramic views. I know, what a problem. 

We made it to Chicken Spring Lake around 5p and where immediately awestruck by its beauty. It is a small arctic lake surrounded by massive walls of sand colored rocky mountains. The shoreline was lined with pine trees and boulders of various sizes that marmots would run around. It is our first high Sierra lake and it did not disappoint. 

After dropping our packs we immediately put our feet into the frigid water. I am still having feet/tendon issues so any chance I get to soak them I do it. We then grabbed some water to filter and walked around looking for the perfect camp site. With the perfect spot picked and camp set up we are some dinner while soaking in the beautiful scenery. We were entertained by the many marmots that call the area home. We call marmots Mike. They are all Mike 

The sun has just gone down and it is alread freezing cold. I am so excited about another cold night, not. We are going to try and get up early so we can do a few more miles than we have been. 


Above the tree line
I am huffing and puffing
The air is so thin