Sunday, June 15, 2014

I Schat In Bishop - (6/13)

7 miles over Kersarge Pass to trailhead

We woke up early in our secluded piece of paradise under a frozen tent. It was very cold out but so beautiful. The lake was like a mirror reflecting the surrounding mountains that were just starting to be warmed up by the morning sun. It is surreal. 

The trail up and over Kersarge Pass took us past Bullfrog Lake and Kersarge Pass Lakes which were all equally as beautiful as the lake we camped at. It is a magical area that I would recommend people come check out. You have to do a bit of hiking to get there, 7 miles, but it is so worth it and will give you a taste of the Sierra. 

Getting to the top of Kersarge Pass was a bit of a climb but we did it. The back side was not quite as steep but was a bit longer. The trail took us past Big/Lil Pothole lakes, Heart Lake and Flower Lake all of which were connected to each other by rivers and waterfalls. On the way down we passed a lot of day and thru-hikers going up; one of them being HomeGirl. It was nice to see her again. 

Once at the trailhead it was time to find a ride to. Independence so we could catch the bus to Bishop. We sat on a couple of Bear Boxes watching people arrive and get their gear ready to head up the trail. Nobody seemed to be leaving. Eventually a hiker came down the mountain and headed towards his car. I quickly hopped off the box and headed over to him so I could ask for a ride. He was in a hurry but agreed to give us a ride all the way to Bishop. Score! 

Along the way we learned that he was from Ashland, OR  and was in town helping a friend who was trying to break the JMT speed record. The JMT is 221 miles long and the record is just under 4 day, which is just mind boggling to me. 

We made it to Bishop and after failing to get a room at this one particular hotel we decided to get something to eat at Erick Schat's Bakery, a must visit place. With a full belly we were better equipped to find a place to stay, which we did. 

We have to resupply here and do some errands. To no surprise the sewing job I did on my shorts in Bakersfield did not hold up. Also, Mandie needs a new rain jacket. Things like that. 

To the shower!!!


Yummy bakery
Filled with lots of things to eat
Just give me the sweets