Monday, February 6, 2017

Morena Butte

8.33 Miles
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This was my first "real" hike in a long time, pretty much since stepping off of the PCT, and it felt great. Thanks to a certain somebody for the inspiration to get out and hike but also to start Saturday Morning Hikes (SMH) again and to start blogging about the hikes.

Last Saturday (2/4/17) I did Morena Butte in the Cleveland National Forest. Most of the trail is on the PCT, so it was a very familiar trail to be on. In fact, parking for this trail head happens to be at the Lake Morena Campground, which is just about at the 20 mile marker on the PCT.

I started my hike at about 8:15a and right from the beginning it starts to go up. No sooner than taking my first couple of steps on the trail that the common aches and pains came back. I know they only last for the first couple of miles, so I just have to push through it until I get warmed up.

Where Lake Morena used to be.
Love the Lichen on the rocks.

It was a nice morning, a little over-cast which helped keep the heat down.

I'm not sure who left this sleeping bag and bag next to a fire-pit, but all of that is a no-no.
I left it there just in case it was for a PCT hiker.

The beautiful PCT.

I am pretty sure the three photos above are Cougar tracks.

I know there is lots of snow in the Sierra, but all this water is fantastic for San Diego and
the NoBo hikers.

The start of the Butte Trail. Everything was peachy until this point; where the trail goes straight up.

I couldn't tell if this was water or poop cascading over the rocks, turns out is is poop.
Something good lives there.

These mounds remind me of something. 

I made it to the top. Beautiful day but it was windy and chilly up there so I didn't stay for long.

Look for the Cairns on your way up and down. They will help you stay on-trail.

The PCT is out there, just above the road.

This just seemed like a great place for a Cougar to nest.

Fuck these rocks in particular. With noodles for legs, a pack on my back, and my camera hanging in front, it was quite the challenge getting between these two rocks.

Pix of the trail coming down from the butte. It was rocky and steep.

Back on the PCT!


Screw you Dan! Nobody cares that you were there on 3/15. Show some respect, and LNT!

Just some Hummingbird medicine.

I'd tap that.

Gettin' artsy.

Hard to see/picture, but the ground was covered in gold. It was fabulous!

Murica! Looked like a Bald Eagle to me.

Pretty sure the tracks in the two photos above are Raccoon.
Please correct me if I am wrong.

I am thinking that this is Cougar scat, as well as as some dig marks; like he was doing a burn-out on it similar to what I've seen dogs do. Please correct me if I am wrong.

There was a squirrel perched perfectly on that stone but he didn't stick around to be photographed.